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How can I change DNS on my pc?

DNS is the English acronym for Domain Name System. DNS servers allow you to connect to Internet sites by typing simple textual addresses (eg instead of very long numerical addresses (eg, ie the real "coordinates" of the websites. Changing the DNS on your PC with faster DNS makes it much easier and faster to connect to websites, thus facilitating the user's web browsing. The procedure for changing DNS varies according to the operating system you use on your device.


In case you use Windows operating system, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your pc "Control panel"
  2. Select "Network and Internet" and "Network connections and sharing" and select the current connection your using, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Click on "Properties"
  4. Select "The connection uses the following features" and click on "Properties"
  5. Select "Use the following DNS servers addresses"
  6. Enter the DNS servers address in the fields "Main DNS server" and "Alternative DNS Server"
  7. Click on "Validate Settings" 
  8. Click on "Ok" to save the changes.


In case you use an Apple device,  follow the procedure below:

  1. Click on "System Preferences" -> "Network"
  2. Select the type of connection you're currently using, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Click on "DNS" to view "DNS Server"
  4. Enter in the list the OpenDNS, Google DNS or the ones you prefer
  5. Click on "OK" to save changes.


In case you use Linux operating system, you can change DNS via graphic interface or terminal.

To change DNS via graphic interface:

  1. Go to System- >Preferences - >Network connection and select the kind of connection you are currently using, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. Select "IPv4 Settings"
  3. Select as method "Automatic (DCHP) addresses only"
  4. Type in the "DNS Server" field the server's IP address you want to use
  5. Click on "Save" to end the procedure.

 To change DNS via terminal:

  1. Open "Terminal"
  2. Type the following command: sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf
  3. Type the new DNS server address to use, replacing the current ones
  4. Save, by clicking on "CTRL+X"  and then on "S".

It may happen, as you restart the system, that the Network Manager removes the previously set DNS, restoring the old ones. To avoid this situation, you have to modify the dhclient.conf  file using this procedure:

  1. Open "Terminal"
  2. Type: sudo gedit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf
  3. Look for the line #prepend domain-name-servers” and replace it with “prepend domain-name-servers,” (without # at the beginning of the line)
  4. Save, by clicking on  “CTRL + X” and then “S“.



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