How to transfer a domain .it from Aruba How to transfer a domain .it from Aruba

To transfer a domain .it from Aruba to Keliweb you need to follow a few simple rules. First, you have to make a Whois to check the domain current status and then ask for the Authorization code (AuthInfo / AuthCode / EPP).

The Authorization code is essential to transfer your domain. It can be numeric or alphanumeric. If you don't have the Authorization code at the moment you can recover it following the procedure below. 

  • Log-in to your Aruba customer area;
  • Enter the control panel of the domain you want to transfer;
  • Go to "Domain management" and click on "Tool to recover the domain's Authorization code";
  • Confirm and click on "Continue";

You will receive the Authorization code via e-mail. Then share it with our team via ticket system or by replying to our e-mail.

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