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Can I make incremental backups of my websites?

R1soft (currently Idera) is our incremental backup system, provided with a web interface and disaster recovery functions, available for all Keliweb users as an additional service. Here, you can find all the tips to configure it to get automatic backups of your cPanel control panel, protecting your websites's data and services at their best. We remind you to add this option as you purchase any kind of service provided by Keliweb (such as VPS, E-mail server, Dedicated server, Cloud hosting).

Disk Safe

R1soft uses the proprietary method known as Virtual Full Backup which creates, initially, a basic copy of data (Initial Replica) and then, when a new backup is scheduled, it saves only the updated/removed/additional files from the previous backup. Each data replica creates a point-in-time image of the selected device, which is called Recovery Point, mapped by the system automatically using a dedicated database (aka Disk Safe).

In other terms, it can be used to track all changes concerning data and to restore all backup pieces just in case, working as a collector of all saved informations (both files and MySql Databases).

Virtual Full Backup

To make a backup, you need to set a policy and combine it with your own Disk Safe, which will make the backup possible. 

Associare copia al Disk Safe

You can set policies (by clicking on the dedicated icon of the web interface on your left) configuring the following parameters:

  • Scheduling: to schedule backups;
  • Recovery point retention rules: the amount of recovery points you want to keep in your Disk Safe (as you overcome these limits the old backups will be automatically overwritten)
  • File/folder excludes: all the folders you want to exclude from the backup process;
  • Archiving
  • MySQL configuration

From policy interface, click on "Run Selected": after selecting the string you're interested in, you will be able to make your backup following the previous rules. We remind you that:

  • In VPS, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting plans you need to configure dedicated agents operating as processes in background to make the software work;
  • In the shared hosting solutions there's no need of additional operations: our team will configure the system and provide you with all the backups.

Backup selezionare riga



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