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Two factor authentication: how it works

Two factor authentication is an extremely useful tool to provide your web services with a higher security. You can use it to protect your accounts and sensitive data from malicious attacks.

It's a two levels authentication system providing you with the possibility to access a specific web service in two separate steps. First, you'll be required to provide your credentials, such as username and password, then to provide a code or PIN, which is generated randomly and can be used just once. This option, thanks to an algorithm based on timing, generates a code which changes from time to time. 

To generate the code you can use your mobile phone or applications such as Google Authenticator available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

To configurate your authenticator you can choose to scan the bar code via QR code reader or enter manually a secret key provided by your hosting provider.

You can use two factor authentication to improve the security of your Keliweb account. Using it you'll be sure that the access to the account is only granted to the real user, thanks to a password automatic generator.

You can activate it from your customer area, following this procedure:

  1. Click "Activate" below the two factors authentication banner in your dashboard

  2. Click "Enable authentication"

  3. Click "Get started"

  4. Enter the authentication code created by the password generator

  5. Click "Submit" to complete the operation

Our team will check the configuration of the authenticator before enabling it.


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