Come Ottimizzare Magento

Magento is an open source e-commerce is widely used. it has a very accurate control panel and allows a very flexible management. Magento, also is optimized for search engines and you can speed-up system exploting our CDNs.

Activate the CDN Now!

college Magento Integration

How-to integrate CDN service on your Magento website.

PS: Before you make any changes we raccomend to you to make a full backup of your website.

right Step 1

Login the Magento Admin Panel.

right Step 2

Click on System and select Configuration on the navigation bar.

come ottimizzare magento

right Step 3

On the side menu click on Web and select the tab Unsecure.

Change the parameters with the configuration that you have received by email.

You can see a CNAME example on the image:

come ottimizzare magento

right Step 4

Click on Save Config.

right Step 5

Select Current Configuration Scope and on dropdown menu select Main Website.

right Step 6

Follow this Web > Unsecure > Base Skin URL deselect Use Default and modify the link with :

come ottimizzare magento

The CDN is active on your Magento website NOW.

network Test the CDN Setup

Once the static files are replicated to the CDN, browse your website and right click on the page. Select "Inspect" or "View Source".

If the configuration is successful, the URLs that looked like this:

will now look like this: