Come Volocizzare Wordpress

WordPress is currently the most used CMS for blogs website. This CMS Allows to publish articles, complete with pictures, videos, or other media quickly and easily. Thanks to the plugins on your network you can customize and add new features suitable for almost all types of websites. Written in PHP using MySQL or MS SQL Server.

Activate the CDN Now!

college Wordpress Integration

Here you will find all steps to configure your Wordpress website to use the CDN network.

PS: Before you make any changes we raccomend to you to make a full backup of your website.

right Step 1

Download W3 Total Cache from this link:

right Step 2

Once W3 Total Cache is installed and activated, browse to the plugin's page and click on CDN


right Step 3

Locate the Configuration box as displayed below and set the CDN record that you see in the activation email as well as in you Client Area, then click on Save all Settings.

right Step 4

Click on General

right Step 5

Locate the CDN section and mark Enable, then select Generic Mirror. Now click on Save all settings.

right Step 6

Click on Deploy and then on Save all Setting

right Wordpress Plugin Integration

right Step 1

Login to the Wordpress Admin Area.

right Step 2

Browse to the Plugins section and click on Add New.

  • Download the W3 Total Cache Plugin at this link:
  • Unzip the file
  • Click on Upload in the Wordpress panel
  • Click on Choose File and select the unzipped file
  • Click on Install

right Step 3

Click on Active

network Test the CDN Setup

Once the static files are replicated to the CDN, browse your website and right click on the page. Select "Inspect" or "View Source".

If the configuration is successful, the URLs that looked like this:

will now look like this: