Come Ottimizzare PHP / HTML

PHP / HTML bases websites allow for a customization that often can not be obtained with the CMS. Often built by professionals for professionals this kind of websites are different from all the others to be unique.

Activate the CDN Now!

college CDN Integration for Html/PHP website

Here we will show you how to integrate the CDN on your HTML/PHP website.

PS: Before you make any changes we raccomend to you to make a full backup of your website.

right Legends

  • Origin URL: it is the link of your website (es:
  • URL CDN: it is the link that we send to you byt email.

right How to make it

The first step is to change the code of your website so that visitors will open the static files (images, video, etc) on the CDN network.

To do this you must change the Original URL with the URL CDN that we sent to you by email.

if an image with this link: URL originale/immagini/immagine.jpg
the new link it will be: URL CDN/immagini/immagine.jpg

network Test the CDN Setup

Once the static files are replicated to the CDN, browse your website and right click on the page. Select "Inspect" or "View Source".

If the configuration is successful, the URLs that looked like this:

will now look like this: