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informazioni cdn What's the CDN network?

The CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a connection of servers working to replicate websites' static contents (such as images, css file, javascript), with the same speed in any corner of the world.

The CDN network, combined with a hosting plan, increases your website's performances at their best. The static contents are replicated on any Pop Server of the net, speeding up your website in any corner of the world and empowering your relationship with your international users.

Geolocalized distribution of contents

distribuzione cdn

roomUsers receive the contents from the PoP server placed in the closest area to their position

Loading time decrease

incremento velocità cdn

distribuzione cdn High-level performances

The uploading time will be extremely faster, improving the indexing and positioning on search engines. Furthermore, there will be a huge decrease of the overload on the server where the website is hosted.

Try and compare your website's uploading time

Gain the highest speed anywhere in the world

Activate the CDN on all your hosting plans and speed up your websites everywhere in the world. FREE setup.

100 GB Up to 400.000 visits**
Prepaid CDN traffic
€ 0.1 /GB
cdn CDN-100
1000 GB Up to 4 millions visits**
Prepaid CDN traffic Save over 50%
€ 0.05/GB
cdn CDN-1000
10000 GB Up to 40 millions visits**
Prepaid CDN traffic Save over 80%
€ 0.03/GB
cdn CDN-10000
**Estimate on a WordPress blog including texts and images. The purchased traffic expires after a year.

All the advantages of our CDN

Learn more about the benefits of data distribution for your work online

supporto cdn multi sito
Multisite support

You can activate your CDN on all your websites. Suggested solution for Web Agencies.

cdn seo oriented
SEO Oriented

Using CDN you will improve your website's contents' indexing on search engines.

supporto cdn contenuti statici e dinamici
Static contents support

CSS, HTML, Javascript files, JPG photos, documents, etc, will be replicated all around the world.

cdn per potezione anti ddos
Anti DDoS Protection

Get the highest stability for your website, using all the servers around the world.

cdn con 180 pop
Over 180 PoP

Our CDN Network has more than 180 nodes placed all around the world.

cdn consigliata per cms
Suggested for CMS

CDN is the perfect tool to get the most out of WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, etc.

cdn con statistiche giornaliere
Daily statistics

You can supervise your traffic using your control panel any time you want.

attivazione istantanea cdn
Instant activation

The service is immediately ready for configuration and with aneasy and instant activation.

assistenza cdn
24/7/365 Support

Our support is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) What it is, how it works and why it's so important
Web Application Firewall (WAF) monitors, filters or blocks the traffic to/from a web application and is included in our CDN plans for free . A WAF inspects every HTML, HTTPS, SOAP e XML-RPC data packet, preventing attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, session hijacking and buffer overflows through customizable web security rules, that you can set straightly from your customer area.

open_in_newFirewall list

How does the CDN network work and why is it so important?

The CDN network allows to save in a cache all the website's contents, such as images, videos, css, etc. All these contents are saved on all CDN network's servers. So, when a user connects to a website (belonging to Keliweb CDN network) the data will be provided by the server that is geographically and physically closest to the user's geographic area.

As long as the CDN is active, when a user requires a content it will be provided by the server placed in the closest area to the user's position, empowering performances and speed in any area of the world.

CDN, an Italian guarantee with Keliweb cdn italy

Keliweb is the first Italian hosting provider joining the CDN network, thanks to an advanced Cloud platform integrated in the global network.

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