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basic ssl certificate

Basic SSL Certificate

Safe | https://
For blog and small websites
  • GeoTrust Certification
  • Domain certification
  • $ 10.000 Warranty
  • 256bit cryptography
  • Activation in 2 hours

Cheap SSL Certificate compatible with any website. This solution requires the identification of the domain's holder.

ssl wildcard certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Safe | https://
Safe | https://
For e-commerce and enterprises
  • Comodo Certification
  • Subdomains certification
  • $ 125.000 Warranty
  • 256bit cryptography
  • Dynamic Site Sealhelp

The certificate https can be activated on the domain and all the subdomains you are creating. This solution requires an accurate research on the applicant to validate the reliability.

UCC ssl certificate

UCC Multidomain

Safe | https://
Safe | https://
For enterprises holding a large number of domains
  • Comodo Certification
  • Multidomain
  • 256bit cryptography
  • Premium Trust Level help
  • IDN Supporthelp

SSL certificate for multiple domains hosted on the same web server at the same time. You can choose to add other domains in addition to the 3 already provided in the certificate offer.

BusinessID ssl certificate

True BusinessID with EV

YourCompany | https:// www.a...
The company name will be displayed in the address banner.
  • GeoTrust Certification
  • Domain certification
  • $ 500.000 Warranty
  • 256bit cryptography
  • Dynamic Site Sealhelp
  • Premium Trust levelhelp

Business Certificate. The company name in the green search bar will provide your users with the highest guarantee in terms of identity and reliability.

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SSL Certificates and HTTPS explained

When a browser tries to connect to a website, the connection is in clear. So, in that specific moment, third parties may try to spy on your personal data with a man-in-the-middle attack. To avoid this issue, an SSL Certificate encrypts all data, blocking any eventual sniffing procedure. A green lock will identify a secure website in the search bar.

SSL Certificates Main Differences

Get SSL Certificates
  • Domain authentication
  • Warranty
  • High compatibility
  • Mobile device support
Free SSL Certificates
  • No authentication
  • No warranty
  • Lower compatibility
  • Partial mobile device support

Get SSL Certificate, the highest value for your e-commerce

A Premium or Deluxe SSL Certificate provides your users with a higher security and increases your project reliability with the validation of the business identity. It allows you to increase your Brand reputation online.

ssl opencart certificate
prestashop ssl certificate
magento ssl certificate
google indexing certificate
Best Google Positioning

SSL Certificates for websites guarantee a better positioning on search engines. Reach for new users using data cryptography, which is provided by SSL HTTPS protocol.

security certificatea
Higher Security

Protect your customers' data with the 2048 bit SHA-2 cryptography, the best-performing one on the web. With a secure certificate, the connection between browsers and the websites will be encrypted and all your customers' personal data protected.

facebook applications' certificate
Standard Facebook Applications

Facebook requires HTTPS connections, to manage external applications and custom tabs. Our Get SSL Certificates provide you with all the requirements recommended by Facebook for cryptography.

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