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  • 1 month, € 7.90 VAT excl.
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  • 3 years, € 165.90 VAT excl. • You save 42%

WordPress Hosting


  • lens 10GB SSD web space
  • lens HTTP/2 and SSL Certificate
  • lens Unlimited e-mails
  • lens Unlimited MySQL Database
  • lens SSH Access
  • lens MultiPHP Support
  • lens 24h Backup/Restore
  • lens Node.js Supported

Create your WordPress blog with a high-performing service, providing you the highest security ever.

The more you buy the more you save
  • 1 year, -17% €79.00 VAT excl.
  • 2 years, -38% €118.50 VAT excl. ( € 59.25 / year )
  • 3 years, -42% €165.90 VAT excl. ( € 55.30 / year )
local_grocery_store Buy now 1 month, €7.90 +VAT arrow_drop_down
  • 1 month, € 7.90 VAT excl.
  • 1 year, € 79.00 VAT excl. • You save 17%
  • 2 years, € 118.50 VAT excl. • You save 38%
  • 3 years, € 165.90 VAT excl. • You save 42%
Offer valid until 31/10/2018
hosting wordpress

Install WordPress in one click! With Softaculous software you can install the CMS using cPanel control panel easily. This tool allows you to keep your WordPress blog always updated.

Main Features

All you need for your WordPress Hosting

basic wordpress hosting features Basic Features Web domain with DNS management 10GB web space on Linux server, Unlimited monthly traffic, cPanel™ control panel and unlimited subdomains included!
wordpress hosting's e-mail features E-mail features Unlimited POP, IMAP and SMTP mailboxes. Webmail for each mailbox. Alias and forward included. Mailbox up to 10GB.
wordpress hosting support Programming & Db Unlimited MySQLDatabase phpMyAdmin management. Languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails. FTP or cPanel File Manager for file access.
wordpress hosting security Hosting Security Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate,99.99% (SLA) guaranteed. Error and access log. You can check graphics to supervise your resources.
wordpress hosting blog 24h Backup It will possible to create or restore a backup copy any time you need.
wordpress hosting activation Instant activation Your new web space will be instantly online.
wordpress hosting support 24/7/365 Support 24/7/365 Support, Sundays included.
wordpress hosting uptime 99,99% uptime Our mission is to keep your services always online.
wordpress hosting blog

The best solution for your WordPress blog

Looking for the right hosting plan to create a WordPress blog for your business? Keliweb provides you the best-performing hosting for your project!

Why choosing WordPress?

perchè scegliere hosting wordpress?
With our hosting solution you can create a safe, reliable and easy-to-manage blog, providing the highest performances ever!
WordPress Hosting: the best solution for your projects online!

SEO Friendly

hosting seo friendly
Our WordPress hosting plan provides you several advantages for indexing on search engines.
This hosting solution includes PageSpeed, created by Google to increase websites' speed and to ease SEO management. Our WordPress solution includes SSD disks and an advanced cache system to improve your website's performance.

Tech support

hosting seo friendly
We are glad to satisfy our customers with high- performing web hosting and dedicated support. Our team is always by your side taking care of your website and monitoring our servers' correct functioning. We build our services' reliability on redundant connectivity and we guarantee 99,99 % SLA.

MultiPHP support and php.ini change

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With our WordPress hosting you can customize php.ini file' s setting. You can also change the PHP version any time you need. Keliweb provides you the best solutions to customize your WordPress website or blog.
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SSL and HTTP/2 Certificate

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It's essential to have a WordPress hosting service including a SSL Certificate and providing HTTPS AND HTTPS/2 protocol. In fact, Google has recently decided to provide a wider indexing for all the websites holding the HTTPS protocol.
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Advanced Features

Server and Basic Features

  • Domain
  • Operating system
  • Web space
    10 GB SSD
  • Automatic backup
  • Monthly traffic
  • Connectivity
  • Subdomains
  • cPanel control panel®
  • Concurrent processes
  • .htaccess management
  • memory_limit
    up to 512MB
  • FTP Account


  • Mailboxes
  • Incoming e-mail
    POP / IMAP
  • Outgoing e-mail
  • Fullest mailbox size
  • E-mail alias
  • Automatic e-mail forward
  • WebMail
    Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail
  • Outgoing e-mail (spam prevention)
    180 / h

Traffic graphics

  • Traffic graphics
  • Complete error log
  • Complete access log
  • Resources graphics
  • Resources monitoring

Supported languages

  • Node.js Supported
  • ionCube loader support
  • HTML, CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails
  • MultiPHP Support
    4.x / 5.x / 7.x


  • Redundant connectivity
  • SLA 99.99%
  • HotLink Protection


  • MySQL 5.6
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Remote access
  • Wizard Database MySQL

The best WordPress hosting solutions for your blog

The more you buy, the more you save!

1 year
DOMAIN + 2 years FOR FREE!
2 years
DOMAIN + 5 months FOR FREE!
118 .50 /2 years FREE SETUP INCLUDED
3 years
DOMAIN + 15 months FOR FREE!
165 .90 /3 years FREE SETUP INCLUDED
Limited-time offer! offerta hosting wordpress
*The web domain is available for free if you choose one of the following extensions:.IT, .COM, .EU