The importance of a dedicated space, the benefit of a smart hosting.

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unlimited VPS traffic
Unlimited traffic
Scalable vps
activation in 120 seconds
Activation in 120 seconds

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CPU 1 vCore
Storage 20 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 7 days
vps linux
€ 4 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
CPU 2 vCore
Storage 50 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 7 days
vps linux
€ 9 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
CPU 3 vCore
Storage 100 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 7 days
vps linux
€ 19 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
Best seller
CPU 4 vCore
Storage 150 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 4 days
vps linux vps windows
€ 29 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
CPU 6 vCore
Storage 200 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 3 days
vps linux vps windows
€ 49 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
CPU 8 vCore
Storage 300 GB SSD
Backup Frequency 2 days
vps linux vps windows
€ 89 .90 + VAT/month keyboard_arrow_right Configure
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What is a VPS?

A VPS , acronym for virtual private server, is a virtual server , which is based on the resources of a physical server and offers several different features, comparable to those of dedicated servers. You can generally find several VPS on the same physical server, sharing the same infrastructure on which each one has its own amount of pre-established and dedicated resources.

A VPS, like a dedicated server, is provided with CPU, RAM and hard disk. It's possibile to install any type of operating system (the most used are those without a graphical interface that take up little RAM).

The main advantages of a VPS are the reduction of maintenance costs (it is not necessary to purchase and maintain a hardware infrastructure such as a dedicated server) and the scalability and flexibility of resources , which allow you to make changes to the virtual server resources according to your needs at any time.

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Managed Solutions

Our team always supervises the correct functioning of your Linux VPS or Windows VPS.
If you want to take advantage of dedicated management and constant monitoring of your machine, you can add to your plan our Managed option : our team will take care of your server while you will be able to dedicate yourself solely to the development of your business.

Technical features

vps administrator's access
Administrator access

You are in total control with the admin access and the KVM support access. You'll manage your VPS in full autonomy.

vps backup
Cloud Backup

Add the Cloud Backup option to create a secure storage space for your data. You can create a Disaster Recovery plan and allow selective recovery if required.

vps security

VPS security systems include firewall, SynFlood and Anti-DDOS protection to avoid any hacking attack to your virtual private server.

Managed vps
Managed solution

The Managed option guarantees continuous assistance and monitoring by our team on the virtual servers . It can be used by those who are not skilled enough but need dedicated solutions .

vps upgrade
Upgrade and Downgrade

You can change the profile of your SSD VPS server at any time and choose from your control panel from a wide range of plans with more resources or cheaper.

vps sla

We deliver reliable servers with high performance . Thanks to the 99.99% annual SLA we guarantee reliability for both VPS and dedicated servers.

Linux distribution, operating system and supported softwares

vps linux
Linux distribution
  • • Gentoo
  • • Debian
  • • Fedora
  • • Ubuntu
  • • CentOS
  • • Archlinux
  • • Red Hat
vps windows
Microsoft Windows
  • • Windows Server 2008 SP1 STD
  • • Windows Server 2012 R2 STD
  • • Windows Server 2016 STD
  • • Windows Server 2019 STD
Preset vps
Software and CMS
  • • WordPress
  • • Joomla
  • • PrestaShop
  • • Magento
  • • Drupal
  • • Plesk
  • • cPanel
  • • Lamp
  • • Ruby
  • • Docker

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