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The new DC2 Datacenter

By inaugurating the new DC2 Datacenter on May 22, 2016, Keliweb is able to offer a SLA higher than 99.99%, and this allows us to classify the infrastructure as Tier3 / Rating3 according to ANSI/TIA-942 2014 standard. The Datacenter is already predisposed for upgrade to Tier4, and this transition will take place by mid 2017. This will result in the highest degree of reliability and security a Datacenter can offer its customers.

Datacenter numbers

  • Floor Area:
    500 mq / 5380 sqft
  • Number of entrances to the building:
  • Capacity:
    3000+ servers
  • Building:
    owned by Keliweb
  • Floating floor height:
  • Floor to ceiling height:
  • Uptime since May 22, 2016:
  • Anti-intrusion system:
  • Internet Connection:
    National, triple-redundant
  • Power generators:
  • Redundant conditioning:
  • Certifications:
    ISO 9001 - 14001 - 27001
Keliweb Datacenter
Cloudtechnologyfirst Cloud in Italy since 2009
Keliweb Datacenter
DDosProactive preventionIn partnership with our Carriers
Keliweb Datacenter
Optic FiberRedundant Link
Keliweb Datacenter
Power CenterTriple redundant systemsPower Center, UPS, generators
Keliweb Datacenter
SecuritySystemsVideo surveillance, controlled temperature, access control
Keliweb Datacenter
GreenDatacenterPowered by renewable energy sources
Keliweb Datacenter
500 m2Data room floor area
Keliweb Datacenter
3000+ ServersData room capacity
Keliweb Datacenter

Datacenter features

connettività datacenter
Internet Connection
The DC2 Datacenter is directly connected to the italian Wind Backbone, through Triple Redundancy towards Naples, Catania and Bari. This allows us to have close to 100% continuity. We also guarantee DDoS protection on all of our systems.
cancellazione dati
Permanent data erasure
Keliweb DC2 Datacenter comes with a disk destruction and permanent data deletion system to ensure greater security and privacy for our customers' data. This service is required by government organizations and banking institutions.
sicurezza datacenter
Access to systems is strongly reserved to authorized personnel only by encrypted badges, and is monitored 24/7 via digital video surveillance system. Environments are also equipped with smoke and fire detection systems, to ensure high security standards.
Conditioning Data rooms have redundant perimeter conditioning systems which provide the best energy efficiency available. Conditioners are branded Schneider. The system provides a working alternation within 8 hours, so to ensure greater efficiency and drastically reduce the chances of failure. The system, like the rest of the infrastructure is monitored 24/7.
datacenter keliweb
Electric power Electric redundancy is guaranteed by Schneider APC UPS systems, as well as Elcos Diesel Generators. Electricity supply is 24/7 monitored and all infrastructure is protected by power spike prevention systems to have 100% stable energy on servers and network equipments. The datacenter is ecologically sustainable thanks to solar panels.
datacenter keliweb


Keliweb mission has always been to ensure the highest quality of services for its customers.
To this end, the company has gained the best certifications to attest the reliability of the solutions offered. ISO certifications demonstrate the choice of guarantee the best, both in terms of quality and security, for the users' web projects.

Certified Processes:
Design and delivery of cloud computing services and cloud storage. Hosting, Housing and Colocation, Electronic Mail, Internet Domains, Information Security and Disaster Recovery.
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datacenter Keliweb
datacenter Keliweb


datacenter Keliweb
datacenter Keliweb
datacenter Keliweb
datacenter Keliweb