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How to choose your domain name

Tips for choosing the best domain name for your website

Choosing the name for your website is not a simple task, it can even become quite challenging . It will represent your “online identity”, so you need to choose it carefully. Once the domain is registered it can't be modified, you must register a new one if you change your mind.

Keep It Simple!

Register the simplest name you can. It should be easy to remember and, above all, easy to type in the browser's address bar.

Giving a content, that recalls your business identity, to your domain name, can be very useful.

Key points to consider when you choose your domain name

1. Convey the brand image

Choose a domain which can represent the business or personal image at its best. Short names are usually the best choice. You also have to consider that the most popular names are often already registered and their cost will probably be too high comparing to the revenue of the site.

Let's write down a list of adjectives that can describe your activity, matching them with the name of the most representative product for your business. This can be one of the best solutions to catch the best name for your domain.

For example: if we run a publishing house, we might consider for matching:

2. Choose a short and easy name

We suggest you not to insert a specific product in your domain name: this could be a limit in order to expand and differentiate your business in the future. Focus on creating a brand reputation instead of celebrating just one product.

You should normally avoid:

3. Legal aspects

The legal issues to consider as you register a domain are essentially two:
it is not reccomended to register domain names similar to famous brands, like "Google" or "Apple". There is, however, no law that forbids this use at the moment .

4. Type of Extension (TLD)

Choosing the right extension for your domain may be a crucial aspect.

You can choose to refer to the geographic region where your business is located .it or just choose the .eu domain, which can be freely registered by anyone.

You can use the .biz, for corporate websites, and the .info, for providing information and updates regarding a specific event, or even .name for a personal website.

Want to register your domain?Choose a generic extension or stand out with the new gTLD extensions. Do you feel more confident? Now that you know everything about the domain extensions, it's time for action. You are ready to register or transfer your web domain.

For more questions, take a look at the FAQs or feel free to contact our support.