How to choose your domain name

Tips for choosing the best domain name for your website

Choosing the name for your website is not a simple task, it can even become quite complicated: when you register a new domain you should be aware that it will be like a business card and will represent your online identity. It is, therefore, a decision to take with care and full attention. Once the domain is registered it can't be modified, you must register a new one if you change your mind.

First and foremost, Keep It Simple!

Our first advice is to register the simplest name you can. It should be easy to remember and above all easy to type in the browser's address bar.

Also, it is very useful to give the name a content, a meaning that somehow recalls your business identity.

Here are four key aspects to consider to choose your domain the right way.

1. Convey the right brand image

Choose a domain which can appropriately represent the business or personal image: the short names communicate more immediately, in general, than the long ones. Furthermore, the most obvious names are often already registered, in this case then their cost will probably be too high compared to the expected revenue from the website.

Let's try to write down a list of adjectives that are appropriate to your activity, and then match them whit the name of the product that best represents what you do. The two terms, paired, may generate a very good, catching domain name.

For example: if we run a publishing house, we might consider:

2. Pick a short and simple name

We advise you against putting a typical product in your domain name, because this is likely to be limitating in the future, in case you decide to expand and differentiate your business. Despite being still a widespread trend, keyword-based names (like, for example are giving way to the ones that better convey a "branding" message - that is, not necessarily related to the nature of the product. In short, build a brand reputation instead of making everything run around a product.

You should normally avoid:

3. Legal aspects

The legal issues to be considered while registering a domain are essentially two:
In principle, and without expecting of general applicability, it is not advisable to register domain names much similar to the ones of famous brands, like "Google" or "Apple". There is, however, no law at the moment that explicitly prohibits this practice.

4. Type of Extension (TLD)

Last but not least, picking the right extension for your domain may be a crucial aspect.

To help with your choice, you may refer to the geographic region where your business operates, therefore the .it might be a logic choice. A good alternative is the .eu domain, which can be freely registered by anyone.

Another possibility is choosing the .biz, specific for corporate websites, and the .infodomain, often used for providing information and updates regarding a specific event, or even .name which is perfect for a personal website.

Are you going to register your domain? Pick a generic extension or stand out with the new gTLD extensions. Do you feel more confident? Now that you know everything about the domain extensions, it's time for action. You are ready to register or transfer your web domain.

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