SLA and continuity of services

SLA (Service Level Agreement) certifies the web provider reliability.
The quality of our services is testified by the combination of SLA (the relation between the availability and unavailability of the service) and support response time. Keliweb provides you with the highest level of support to keep your services always online with no disservices.

Average response time*

Our mission is to provide you with instant support to solve any disservice as soon as possible.

Ticket Reply min
Telephonic support min
Hardware replacement hours


All support requests are usually processed in a few minutes. Tickets are processed by priority levels, depending on the gravity of disservice.

All support requests are identified by a ticket id, including the description of the disservice and the eventual response time.
For support you can open a ticket or chat with us in our portal.

SLA Hardware

100% hardware warranty

Keliweb guarantees the correct functioning and the highest quality of the whole hardware section, including firewall, and other additional features.

Any eventual malfunctioning or replacement will be processed in a few hours, in the fastest way possibile and completely for free.

The warranty does not include software restore, RAID array's rebuilt, apps installation and configuration.

SLA Network

SLA Network 99,99%

Keliweb guarantees 99,99% SLA for all services on annual base.

In case of a less than 8 hours down no refund will be provided for managed services. In case of an over 8 hours down a 10% refund will be applied on the monthly subscription: it will be possibile to use it as credit for the following renewal. If the down takes more than 24 hours a 10% refund will be provided on the monthly subscription.

No refund will be provided for the unmanaged services for a less than 10 hours down. In case of an over 12 hours down a 10% refund will be provided on the monthly subscription.


Keliweb provides several advantages for customers in terms of high-performing support.

SLA Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

since 2009, the first Cloud in Italy


Proactive protection
in cooperation with the operators

gigabit connectivity
Gigabit Connectivity

Redundant optic fiber

triple redundancy
Triple electric redundancy

Power center, UPS, electrical generators

security systems
Security systems

Video surveillance, controlled
temperature, access control

green datacenter
Green datacenter

Powered by renewable energies

keliweb datacenter dimensions
Dimension 500 mq
server capacity
3000 servers capacity
24h monitoring
24/7/365 Monitoring

Our headquarter

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*Calculated on annual basis