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SLA and service continuity

The reliability of a web provider can be precisely determined and is certified in the Service Level Agreement( SLA).

The quality of a company like ours is measured by combining the actual SLA (the ratio between availability and unavailability of the service) and the technical support responsiveness. Keliweb is a company that pays particular importance to quality of service, and the technical staff constantly focuses on keeping their services always online and solve any problem as quickly as possible.

Response Times

Our goal is to provide immediate assistance to address any emergency, with a level of service defined by the high quality of our technical staff.
10 min real-time
3 minutes
2 hours
99, 99 % annual SLA
The timing of interventions for the different tech support operations are all comprised within a few minutes, however, times are defined according to the different levels of priority and depending on the severity of the problem. Every single support request and support will be identified with an ID ticket, and the problem that will be solved according to the time indicated above. To get support, you can request our assistance via ticket or through chat.

Hardware Warranty

100 %
Keliweb ensures the proper functioning of all hardware of a dedicated server, including the firewall and any optional add-on modules.
In the event of a hardware failure or a system breakdown, all the failed components will be replaced within a few hours - at most - from the identification of the problem, an operation that will be performed as quickly as possible and completely free of charge.
This warranty does not include software recovery from third-party backup systems, the RAID array reconstruction, or installation and configuration of applications.

Network SLA

Keliweb guarantees redundant Internet connection for all the systems, with99,99%annual SLA.
Refunds do not apply for downtime shorter than 10 minutes. In case of a downtime equal or longer than 10 minutes the company will refund the customer 10% of the monthly fee. With regard to the refund timing, the customer shall send a request to info@keliweb.it within 7 days after the event. The customer must describe the problems encountered in as much detail and as accurately as possible.


With a proprietary datacenter, Keliweb can provide significant benefits to the customer thanks to a direct management. This way, we can offer a higher quality service and support at the highest levels.
Datacenter Keliweb
Datacenter Keliweb
DDosProactive preventionIn partnership with our Carriers
Datacenter Keliweb
Optic FiberRedundant Link
Datacenter Keliweb
Power CenterTriple redundant systemsPower Center, UPS, generators
Datacenter Keliweb
SecuritySystemsVideo surveillance, controlled temperature, access control
Datacenter Keliweb
GreenDatacenterPowered by renewable energy sources
Datacenter Keliweb
500 m2Data room floor area
Datacenter Keliweb
3000+ ServersData room capacity
Datacenter Keliweb

New cutting-edge datacenter