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Choose a domain name isn't as simple as people think.
The registered domain represents the identity of a physical person or of a company on the Internet, the calling card.
Once registered it can't be changed, unless buying a new one.
Usually an advice that we can offer is to register simple names to be remembered and to be written on the browser navigation toolbar, furthermore their meaning should remember the content of your site or your activity.
1) Why renew?

1. To protect your identity on the net, maintaining active and reachable your domains and all your associated services for customers, users and friends.

2. To continue ensuring a first quality service. In the last two years our services reached 99.97% of uptime

3. For the dedicated support service, able to answer in a professional way to all your support requests. The 95% of the received requests is dispatched in a workday.

2) When renew?
The renewal of your domains and all additional services is a vital operation for the maintaining of your identity online. In this regard is essential that the renewal be made as soon possible to avoid undesired deactivations. To postpone the renewal to the last day is an unuseful risk because, even renewing in advance, the expiration date of the next year will not change, but it will remains the original one .
When renew your product
Frequent Questions...
Are domains renewal automatic?

No, it’s necessary to make the payment for the domain before the expiration to renew it.

I don't want to renew, how can I deactivate my domain?

it ‘s necessary for the cancellation of the service, otherwise the system will generate the pro forma bill to make the payment, ignoring it the system will not renew the domain.

Haw can I pay my domains renewals?

these are the supported payment methods: bank transfer, credit card and paypal.

How to transfer a .it domain

it’s necessary to provide an authorization code this code mast be required to the old provider, often it is found directly in the domain management panel.


it’s necessary to ask for the domain unlock to the old provider that contextually will provide a code. When we’ll launch the domain transfer you’ll receive an email on the contact’s account where there will be a link. This link has to be clicked for acceptance and then the code provided in advance might to be insert.

How to transfer a com.net.org.siz.info.us domain.

to change the provider of a domain different from .it it’s necessary to place the order by the new maintainer that will forward the transfer request to Open SrS, who afterwards will send the contact’s email to the administrative contact to require the confirmation for the provider changing. The administrative contact shall answer affirmatively at this mail within the 7 days from the reception, otherwise the transfer will fail and it will be necessary to forward the request again. If the Administrative Contact answer affirmatively at the request and the domain result registered with a different Registrar, Open Srs will send a second request email at the current Registrar that will be able to directly respond at the request or forward it to the Administrative Contact’s email address. We also remember you that in case of .org .biz .nyb .os domain will be required also to insert the authorization code relative to the domain. This code has to be required directly to the current provider. What is the authorization code? The Autorization Code is a code that is assigned to the domains whit .org .biz .info .us extensions after the registration. This code is essential to confirm the transfer request of these domains and has to be required directly to the current provider. ATTETION!!! For the transfer will succeed it's necessary that the email address is valid and functioning. On the contrary it is necessary to contact directly the current provider to modify it. -the domain has not to be expired or near the expiration date. -the domain hasn't to be on REGISTRAR LOKE STATE, in that case it’s necessary to contact the old provider and require the un lock. -For.biz.info.org.cc.us domains is necessary to require the authorization code to the current provider.

Which are the necessary data to register a .com.org. domain?

the following are The necessary data: Name, surname, Address, Postal code, Telephone, Email address.

Which are the necessary data to register a it.domain?

the following are The necessary data :Name, Surname, tax code for physical person, Address, Postal code, City, Telephone, Email, address, beviress name, VAT number.

Can I hide the data about the .it domain’s holder?

Yes, it’s possible to hide all information except the name and the surname. Privacy can be required only at the domain registration or transfer time and not after. The request is free.

can I hide the data of a domain?

Yes, it’s possible to hide all holder’s data, because in actually it’s used a figure head’s name. Privacy can be activated/deactivated at whatever moment and it’s free. N.B. Activation of privacy can create some problems during the transfer phase because the contact’s mail is also changed and so it will not be reachable and it will be not possible to accept the email for the transfer.

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