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The Dedicated Mail Server allows you to:
Have your own dedicated public IP address
Send email with no limits
Create unlimited email accounts within your domain
Manage your Newsletters in complete autonomy
Monitor incoming and outgoing email
Send with unrestricted SMTP protocol
Receivhe through standard POP3 / IMAP protocols
Forward email among accounts
Server Features
server mail

Disk Space

mail server


server mail


Antivirus / Antispam
Spam quarantine
SPF Record
DKIM Authentication
Whitelist based on IP, DNS or sender address
Blacklist based on IP, DNS or sender address
HRP (HELO Randomization Prevention)
Set maximum outgoing message size

Set maximum outgoing message size

Maximum number of outgoing messages per time unit

Maximum number of outgoing messages per time unit

Maximum number of incoming mail per time unit

Maximum number of incoming mail per time unit

User-level or Account-level filters

Email filter based on account or username

Shared Email Boxes

Shared Email Boxes

Backup MX Support

Backup MX Support

Unlimited Email accounts and unlimited email dispatch
Faster queuing for outgoing email
Unique SMTP: stop worrying about email paramenters if you change Internet provider or you use different Internet access. You won't have to edit your settings anymore.
Blocks and alerts if virus or spam are found in outgoing email
server mail

Multi-language cPanel
cPanel is available in more than 30 languages, including Italian (set as default).

server mail

Read your emails on every device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.)

server mail

SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system which detects the spam by processing the incoming mail, with advanced algorithms that process both headers and body.

server mail

Mail Exchanger (MX) Entry Editor
MX records tell the world what server is designated to receive email sent to a domain.

Mail Filters

User-level or Account-level filters
You can filter the email depending on the account / user.

server mail

Unlimited Email Boxes

The default, "catch-all" email address receives all the messages which are sent to unexisting addresses for that domain.


Autoresponders allow to send automatic courtesy messages upon receiving an email on a specific address. It is useful when you are not available or on vacation, or if you wish to send a generic message from a customer care address, in order to inform your clients that you have received their request.

Automatic Email Forward

Forwarders let you transmit a copy of all the mail received on a given email account to another.
For example, let's say you have two distinct accounts joe@domain.com and joseph@domain.com. You can set up a forwarder from the first to the latter so you don't have to check both accounts on your email client.
Please note that the messages forward to the second address will be kept in the original account as well.

Email Account Import

You can use Excel files or comma-separed values (CSV) text files in order to massively create a large amount of email accounts or forwarders.

Track Delivery

This function lets you understand how the server has processed a message when it was delivered to or sent from a specific address on your domain, i.e., if the delivery was successful, remote errors, etc.

Mailing List

Mailing Lists may be used to send frequent messages to a large number of recipients, i.e. newsletters, product updates and more. cPanel allows to configure and update your mailing lists to send your company updates to a wide audience.

Email Authentication

Email authentication is the attempt to equip the outgoing email messages with sufficient verifiable information about the sending domain, so that the receiving server can recognize the nature of each received message immediately. Enabling email authentication helps fighting spam and improves the reputation of both your domain and IP address.

The SPF and DKIM methods, fully supported by our dedicated mail server, are designed to prevent malicious users to fake the sender address, claiming to be your domain.

What is an email server? A mail server is used to exchange email communications: you can use it to sort huge quantities of messages to be delivered to a large number of users, for example your company newsletters or for marketing communications. An email message is addressed to every single client individually, providing the opportunity to promote discounts, coupon, special offers, and more. It’s a useful service to send massive custom emails, to increase your business.

Service Features. Keliweb offers a dedicated mail server for your domain, available through iRedMail (Base version) o cPanel (Pro version) platform. The service is easy manageable also for users without prior technical experience, as explained in our FAQs. With this technology you can send email with any client supporting standard protocols, wherever you are. The service is compatible with any device: PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone (see FAQs) or BlackBerry.
Unlimited email accounts
  Comprehensive management
  Includes SpamAssassin spam protection
  Dedicated IP Address
  Unlimited SMTP dispatch
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