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Current domain offer:

.online 2. 90 /year
€ 30.00 -90%
.store 2. 90 /year
€ 72.90 -96%
.biz 19. 90 /year
€ 13.90 -43%
.tw 32. 50 /year
€ 50.00 -35%
.sh 77. 22 /year
€ 99.00 -22%
.luxury 89. 93 /year
€ 529.00 -83%

Web domains

Assistance and DNS management always included!
domain registration DNS management

DNS management

You can register a domain and manage it in a few clicks. You can change the domain pointing and set the configuration you want on the Records from your customer area. No additional cost.

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domain registration 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our team provides assistance on domain registration 24/7/365 both in Italian and English. You can contact us by email, ticket, chat and telephone for any technical and commercial issue.

domain registration WhoIS Privacy

Privacy Whois

To purchase domain name is not enough: think about security too. The Privacy service hides the domain header data on the Whois, protecting personal data and e-mail address from malicious attacks, fraud or identity theft.

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How to Register a Internet Domain

Buy a web domain: it's easy!

Registering an internet domain is the first step to launch your business on line. The domain of a website is the name that allows users to reach it on the network. Choose a name that represents the nature of your business and that is easy to remember and type it in the search bar. Check that the one you choose is an available domain and register it before someone beats you on time!

Domain Free

If you choose a hosting plan

Check the available domains and then proceed to register your domain name. Then combine the hosting plan that suits your needs. You can get the extension .IT for FREE!


More than 700 extensions

Search the perfect domain for your needs

Get out of the box! Choose an original name from the new gTLD extensions and check the availability of the domain online. You will make your website unique, making your project different from all other web domains on the net. Registering a custom domain gives your business an edge and immediately makes the nature of your business clear.

Solo Mail Service

Send and receive your emails

Associate an email address with your domain, use 1 GB of email for your professional communications with customers and collaborators. You can activate the option when purchasing the service.

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