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All the flexibility your website needs!

The KeliCMS, KeliSSL, WordPress, PrestaShop and Joomla hosting plans let you customize two vital features for a good CMS management: you can choose the PHP version (4.4, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0) that best fits your CMS engine and also customize php.ini parameters with a handy GUI.

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Web Hosting multi php

Your website
under your control!

cPanel is a multi-language, web-based control panel, designed to let you manage your Linux hosting space and website with ease.

Web Hosting multi php

All Hosting plans include SiteBuilder, a web application that allows to create your customized web site directly, for free.

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Your favorite CMS online, now!

The KeliCMS hosting solution allows to install one or more Content Management Systems (CMS) through a dedicated control panel: such a tool dramatically speeds the setup while making it as simple as ever.

The KeliCMS offer is all inclusive: it's comprehensive of domain registration, web hosting space, mailboxes, database and many more features designed to ease the hosting management. You can immediately install a CMS package such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla! and so on, or freely upload your own web application at any time.
Choose Keliweb for a secure and reliable Web hosting!

All the KeliCMS, Wordpress, Prestashop and Joomla! hosting plans feature MultiPHP support

Configure the system as you wish! PHP 4.x o 5.x at your choice

Hosting Plans Main Features


hosting multi phpServer and core services

  • Domain included with hosting plan*
  • Server Operating System: Linux
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • cPanel® Hosting Management Control Panel
  • Ability to create unlimited subdomains

hosting multi phpPowerful Email & Webmail

  • Unlimited email boxes
  • POP and IMAP support for incoming mail
  • Personal, dedicated WebMail for each mailbox
  • Authenticated SMTP support for outgoing mail
  • Fully customizable email forward and catch-all address

hosting multi phpDevelopment & Databases

  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Easily manage your MySQL databases through your browser with phpMyAdmin
  • Several programming languages are supported, including PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails

hosting php.ini personalizzabileHosting Security

  • Your web projects will always be online thanks to redundant connectivity
  • 99.9% guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement)

hosting php.ini personalizzabileApps and Utilities

  • Softaculous helps you installing your favorite CMS with just 1 click
  • You will always have free access to your files via FTP service

hosting php.ini personalizzabileTraffic Charts & Web Statistics

  • You can check the error and access logs at any time
  • You can monitor the Hosting Resources usage through the Resource Graphs

Customize PHP.ini
PHP modules you can activate using cPanel with 1-click.

apc gender mcrypt pspell trader timezonedb
bcmath geoi memcache hash translit posix
big_int haru ionCube PHP Loader radius uploadprogress mbstring
bitset hidef mongo recode uri_template gd
bloomy htscanner msgpack rsync uuid tidy
bz2 huffman mssql snmp wddx phar
coin_acceptor idn mysql soap weakref mailparse
crack igbinary mysqli sourceguardian xcache functional
dba imagick ncurses spl_types xcache_3 zip
dbase imap oauth sqlite xdebug sysvshm
dbx inclued odbc ssh2 xmlreader pgsql
dom inotify opcache stats xmlrpc magickwand
doublemetaphone intl pdo stem xmlwriter fileinfo
eaccelerator ioncube_loader pdo_mysql stomp xrange lzf
eio json pdo_odbc suhosin xsl zend_guard_loader
enchant ldap pdo_pgsql sysvmsg yaf sysvsem
calendar Core ctype curl date ereg
exif filter ftp gettext iconv libxml
mysqlnd openssl pcre PDO pdo_sqlite Phar
Reflection session SimpleXML sockets SPL standard
tokenizer XCache XCache Cacher zlib Zend Modules  
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