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IT dedicated solutions for your business online

Cloud Advanced solutions for your business

Virtual Datacenter (VDC) and
Dynamic Virtual Machines (MVD)

The best solution for both small companies (no need to buy a physic infrastructure) and big companies (enlarging their infrastructure in an external Cloud).

A Virtual Datacenter takes advantages of Cloud's power and scalability, providing on-demand computing to use the virtual resources only in case of necessity, considering some limits such as CPU, storage, RAM and network (IP/band), and providing the opportunity to create static VM, DVM and local networks between them.

cloud Public Cloud

Keliweb infrastructure uses KVM, Xen technology, WMware and Open Stack to implement VPS directly managed by the Customer, who has a complete control on any virtual machine. The system provides a virtual console, rebuild, reboot and machine shutdown.

folder_shared Private Cloud

Keliweb provides dedicated Cloud solutions managed by the Customer. The best solution to create your own VPS using dedicated resources for each machine.

public Cloud Federation

Keliweb allows to create geolocalized VPS in all 5 continents joining a Cloud global net, using Onapp network.
These VPS are not physically placed in Keliweb Datacenter and will be managed directly by the customer in his personal Area.

Load Balancing and Autoscaling

Autoscaling improves the performances of the infrastructure hosted in Cloud. The resources are automatically redirected in consideration of the overload on virtual machines.

Scaling can be both vertical (improving the internal resources of a DVM) and horizontal (adding other VM). In this case, the Load Balancing optimizes the use of resources, maximizes the power of communication, decreases the response time and avoids the resources' overloading.

cloud_download Content Delivery Network

The CDN is a system used to replicate your website's static data in a global network of PoP servers (over 180 worldwide). As the CDN is active the user will receive the website's contents from the closest PoP server to his area. Images, videos, CSS and Javascript uploading will be faster than ever.

fast_forward Web Acceleration

Data compression and server proximity for all the users worldwide are the essential tools to improve your website's performances 5 times more then a website with inactive CDN.

Container Server

Suggested solution for developers needing to create a website without a webmaster or a system administrator.

Unlike a standard VM with hypervisor, a Container Server (Docker, Kubernetese or other containing platforms) is released in few seconds, the maintenance level is extremely low, the patching is not necessary and the use of resources is extremely limited.

dns Software Defined Storage

This system allows to split the storage's hardware and software. In this way, a better data replication and a faster provisioning are guaranteed and snapshot and backup are made possible.

widgets SaaS and PaaS

With the PaaS solution Keliweb will provide the infrastructure as the customer is managing his own applications.
Otherwise with the SaaS solution Keliweb will provide both infrastructure and management for the customer's applications.

replay Cloud Backup

Keliweb provides advanced Cloud Backup solutions with incremental snapshot solutions for both Linux and Windows systems. Both situations guarantee single file restore, customizing backup and keeping several data copies.

.OVA Importation

This service cuts migration costs and provides a secure transfer of virtual machines (VM).

Keliweb Cloud allows to import VM from any virtualization system (VirtualBox, VMWare, XenServer, OracleVM, IBM SmartCloud, RedHat EV and many others) that is exportable in OVA (Open Virtualization Format).

Keep your data safe in Keliweb datacenter


Datacenter ipv6 ready

Keliweb Datacenter DC2 provides a SLA over 99,99% gaining a Tier3/Rating3 classification, standard released by ANSI/TIA-942 in 2014. The highest level of reliability and security for our customers.


Our certifications

Keliweb mission is to provide the highest-quality services to our customers. We gained the most important certifications as a result of our services reliability.

  • check ISO 9001
  • check 27001, 27017, 27018
  • check ISO 14001


We provide you with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year



The best-performing system to protect your data from any hacking attack.


SLA and guarantee

Our mission is to provide you instant support to solve any disservice.


Network Uptime

Keliweb guarantees all systems' connectivity with 99,99% annual SLA.

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