Keliweb Privacy policy - Last update April 24 2018 Keliweb protects customers' privacy. The following Privacy policy informs you about all the procedures to collect, process, store, transfer, use, protect and divulge your data that we can collect using our website ( or or any Keliweb's subdomain or website. Before accessing our portals, we ask you to provide us with your authorization and consent by accepting all the terms and conditions on the elaboration and transmission of your personal informations according to the current privacy policy. The collection, use, storage, transfer and divulgation of data will keep up to the terms accepted by you. Keliweb respects the current privacy policy of the Country, including EU rules, agreements on transfer, privacy policy and registration procedures of the Country, if applicable. The privacy policy only applies to and websites and to all Keliweb portals.
For further informations on privacy policy you can send an e-mail to

Collecting our users' personal data Personal data can be used to identify, directly or indirectly, the person related to the informations. The informations we can collect about the user are: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, contact's preferences, occupation, access data (account number, password), marketing preferences, info about social media account and, if it's applicable, IP address. Keliweb will not collect any user's personal data without his/her previous authorization with explicit consent to our company or partners ( for example to obtain a newsletter submission, white paper, to take part to survey, to promote products download, to sign up for marketing events, promotion or job application). The user can retreat his/her consent at any time by clicking on the submission page Link on Keliweb website.

Personal data use When a user provides us his/her personal data voluntarily they will be used to: send details on our services, process orders, create an account, provide support, answer to a specific request, offer the opportunity to join contests, sign up for classes, manage a job application or provide access to other informations and offers. We use the informations we collect to improve the content and the usability of our portals, to inform about our products' updates and to contact our users for marketing and sales purposes, related to the user's preferences, including renewals.

Communications to third parties To support and improve the relationship with its own customers, Keliweb can store, process and share personal data with our partners or affiliates worldwide, to fulfill a task or purchase a transaction related to one of Keliweb's services. Our company makes use of partners and affiliates to provide services on our behalf. To provide our customers these services an explicit consent is required. The third parties are tied to all the terms of the Privacy policy subscribed by Keliweb. Keliweb can share non-personal recap informations with partners and affiliates alla over the world. Keliweb shares the user's informations with third parties just in case of a previous authorization released by the user and guarantees the same respect of Privacy policy terms by our affiliates and third parties. All the non-personal informations combined with the personal informations are considered personal at the same time. In specific cases Keliweb can be asked to divulge personal data by law, such as legal action, controversy or specific requests by the governmental authorities. Keliweb can divulge the user's personal data in case of national security investigation, requests by police concerning public good or when the divulgation is necessary to respect our Privacy policy's terms and conditions to protect our customers.

Limitation of finalities Keliweb will collect, use and divulge personal data provided by users for the previous purposes, unless the divulgation will lead to an additional use related to the original one.

Cookies and other technologies Keliweb portals, advertisement, e-mails and online services can use automatic tools such as cookies, web beacon and pixel tag, to collect users' personal data as they interact with us, using our services and portals. Collecting users' data helps us to understand the their behavior on our portal and how to improve our interaction with them and their needs. Keliweb portals use cookies to distinguish any single customer from another and to improve their experience on our website. When a user accesses our website, our server recognizes the cookie, providing us all the informations about the user's latest access. Several browsers accept cookies automatically but it's always possible to enable the automatic acceptance. If a user refuses to use the cookie he/she will probably have a limited vision of some informations on our website. This Privacy policy concerns the use of cookies made by Keliweb and not by advertisers. Keliweb follows the current regulation on cookies, including the specific European Directive. Our users are immediately informed on our use of cookies as they access our website. A web beacon (also known as clear gif and pixel tag) helps us to manage our website's contents at their best, showing us the most popular contents. A web beacon is included in a web page or in a e-mail message to track the user's visit on the page or via e-mail. As cookies, a web beacon tracks the user's visit and sends data to our server but unlike cookies it's not used to identify the user or to save any information on the computer because it's not based on a browser. The informations collected using cookies or other similar tools are managed as non-personal informations unless, according to local law, the IP addresses are considered personal informations.

Personal data storage Keliweb keeps its customers data constantly updated and invites users to provide us their updated personal data. The personal data will be stored until the expiry time expressed in this Privacy policy, unless a specific different request or legal consent is required.

Communication preferences and subscription Our users have the possibility to determinate the kind of informations about products and services to get from our company and how they will provided. If a customer doesn't want to receive updates or communications about our products anymore he/she has to change the specific setting in his/her personal Customer Area on our website. This policy does not apply to commercial and billing communications. We can provide more detailed informations about our products or support if the user provides us as many personal data as possible. The user can always choose not to receive specific kind of informations updating the subscription preferences' page by clicking Link, selecting "remove subscription" in any e-mail, or visiting the dedicated remove subscription page Link. We will keep on sending communications concerning our sales and commercial policy or other motivations consent by law using our users personal data anyway.

Data security Keliweb takes care of its users' personal data at its best. To prevent any restore, loss, accidental or illegal alteration of our users' personal data our infrastructure is provided with the highest-level security systems avoiding any divulgation or unauthorized access.

Data security violation Keliweb infrastructure is provided with high-performing security systems, anti-intrusion monitoring software and alert procedures in case of potential intrusion in our tech systems.

Collection and processing of non-personal data Any time a user accesses Keliweb website (or any portals managed by Keliweb) we can collect non-personal data automatically, even if he/she is not registered in our system. This informations are concerning the operating system, the website domain's name that has redirected the user to our website, the amount of visits and the most visited pages. We can share these informations with our partners and affiliates to monitor their presence on our systems and to improve our contents to meet their needs at our best.

Forum, blog, third parties' websites and link Keliweb is responsible for the Privacy policy applied by its own websites. Keliweb's portals can share links with other websites for informations or other purposes. Keliweb is not responsible for these websites and their Privacy policy. Several Keliweb websites can contain interactive elements such as forum or blog where users can publish their contents. Once these contents are released they might be read by other users. Keliweb is not responsible for the personal informations shared by users in forum.

Consent to transfer, process and store personal data Keliweb interacts with its partners and customers worldwide and all informations provided by companies or users can be transferred or checked by our company in Switzerland or other countries, responsible for all the collected personal data and their protection. All the personal data of users resident in the European Union or Switzerland are managed by Keliweb.

Keliweb job positions If a user submits for a job position in the section "Work with us", the submission and all the other informations can be used to test the abilities and knowledge concerning the job position. Keliweb can store these informations as reports, considering that they could be required by the aplicable law.

Right to be forgotten Our company will fulfill any request about the right to be forgotten in the shortest time possible. This practice cannot be applied to the informations published in our blog, forum or available to third parties out of Keliweb's reach. Keliweb will do everything in its powers to erase all the personal informations if the user retreats his consent but an entire restore cannot be guaranteed due to technology and legal motivations (Keliweb is obliged to store personal informations by the local law).

Protection of minors Keliweb cannot collect intentionally personal data belonging to minors or without a previous consent by parents, if this practice is applicable by law.

Privacy policy updates As provider of technologies our system will evolve as our Privacy policy. All updates about Privacy policy will be published on and We will inform all our customers via e-mail or web page about our Privacy policy updates.

What are Cookies? Cookies are files sent by websites to the users devices. There, they are stored waiting to be sent back to the origin website as the user processes a new visit.

Cookies Management Our users can receive cookies by our websites. All users can manage, modify or erase all cookies used for navigation by modifying their browser's setting.

Technical Cookies Technical cookies helps the authentication on our website, the monitoring of sessions and the collection of all the informations provided by the users as they surf our website.
Technical cookies ease the authentication's procedures and allow to buy directly from our website.
There are several technical cookies such as the session cookies, used as the user surf the website or the persistent cookies, stored in the browser until their expiry or previous erase processed by the user. Keliweb uses session cookies, persistent cookies and analytics cookies to monitor our users as they surf our website.

Third parties Cookies I cookie di terze parti sono quei cookie ospitati su ma provenienti da altri siti web, come per esempio i cookie analitici e di profilazione come Google e Facebook.
Questi cookie vengono impostati direttamente dai proprietari, pertanto si elencano di seguito le rispettive policy: