How to register a domain
with the extension

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The extension is reserved for all government agencies that need to create their own website. This extension is managed by the digitPa, the only authority in charge of its registration.

The procedure for registering the extension is extremely simple. Just click on the link below, provide the IPA code of the registering authority and fill in the online form.

Once the form has been filled in, it will be necessary to send Agid within 30 calendar days:

  • The letter of assumption of responsibility
  • The completed questionnaire

All AgID indications for registering a domain

To proceed correctly with the registration, AgID requires the following precautions:

  • The email of the technical reference and the administrative reference must coincide with the institutional email address indicated in the IPA (Index of Public Administrations).
  • The documentation for the registration of the domain must be sent to the email address it
  • All requests for assistance in registering a domain must be sent to the address

What operations can be carried out on a domain

  • Domain Data Change - Change DNS or Type of Delegation. These changes can be made from this link
  • Change of Domain References - Change of Administrative, Technical Reference, IPA Code. This change can be made from this link
  • Domain Cancellation - At this link it is possible to delete the domain by sending the request within 30 calendar days.

For more info, please refer to PCM Directive 30 May 2002 - Knowledge and use of the domain

Choose a hosting plan for a domain

While the extension can only be registered by digitPa, the hosting service for a domain can be provided by any hosting provider.

Choose your web hosting service among our solutions to ensure maximum performance, continuity and stability to your website. Visit our Hosting page and choose the most suitable solution. Once you have purchased the service you will receive an email with all the details and parameters to be communicated to the digitPa so to point the domain correctly.

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