How to register a domain

Several institutes, such as schools or governmental institutions, need hosting or domain registration.
These extensions are usually managed by digitPa, a national authority. ONLY and exclusively this authority is allowed to register a domain otherwise the hosting can be provided by other providers.

Today the domain registration procedure has been simplified. Take a look at the following link

AgID directives

To register a domain you need to follow the online procedure in the dedicated form, starting from questo Link. Once you have filled in the form you need to purchase the form to AgID in 30 days.

Available operations on domain

Learn more by clicking Direttiva PCM 30 maggio 2002 - Conoscenza ed uso del dominio

To complete a domain registration you need to provide the registrant authority's IPA code. You can recover the IPA code by clicking questo Indirizzo.

To choose the right hosting plan for the website using the domain check out our hosting section by clickingquesto link. As you purchase your order you will be asked to chose to register or transfer a domain or buy a hosting plan.
You need to select the latest option typing the domain on which the hosting will be activated. Once your order is processed you will receive an e-mail with all the details to communicate to digitPa to point the domain correctly.
You need to buy the hosting plan before asking digitPa the domain release. In fact, as you purchase your request they will ask you the hosting's ns to point the domain correctly.

For foreign domains .gov you need to relay on the foreign States where the domain .gov belong.

Learn more about the hosting plans to combine with your domain


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