Certified Electronic Mail

Certified mail for individuals and companies with the same legal value as a registered letter

KeliPEC Basic

Basic Pec service to send and receive your certified mail safely.


Most popular

KeliPEC Pro

Certify the third level domain with your company name.



KeliPEC Full*

Certify the custom domain with your company name.



*With the FULL plan you can only send and receive Certified Electronic Mail (PEC). You won't be able to handle traditional non-certified emails.

Services included in all plans

All you need to create an efficient and secure professional or private Pec

  • Pec Space
    1 GB mailbox space
  • Pec Dispatch
    Unlimited daily dispatch
  • PEC Attachments
    Send attachments up to 30 MB
  • AntiSpam PEC
    Antivirus and Antispam protection
  • PEC accessibility
    Accessible from any device
  • Certified PEC
    Certification for attachments
  • Read receipt Certified E-mail
    Read receipt guaranteed
  • Legal receipt Certified Email
    Receipt with legal value
  • Certified e-mail sender guarantee
    Guarantee of the sender identity
  • Certified e-mail log
    Access LOG Control
  • PEC Client
    POP3/IMAP access via client
  • PEC Notifications
    Notifications on other email
Need more space?

Add space to your PEC email at any time at the annual cost of € 9+VAT for each GB

PEC Support


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Our certifications

We guarantee high quality, reliability and security on all services

Certificazione ISO 9001
ISO 9001:2015

It certifies the quality of the design, development and marketing processes of the products in order to guarantee high quality to the final customer.

Certificazione ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO IEC 27001:2013

It certifies high security standards in the management of customer-related information, in line with international best practices and company goals.

Certificazione ISO/IEC 27017:2015
ISO/IEC 27017:2015

It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the cloud with the aim of ensuring that the data stored in cloud computing is safe.

Certificazione ISO IEC 27018:2014
ISO IEC 27018:2014

It highlights the correct Code of Conduct for the protection of personal data in services related with distributed IT infrastructures of public clouds.