Hosting Service for Public Administration

A dedicated hosting service for Public Administration ( Schools, Universities, Public Authorities, Local Authorities, etc.) is provided with specific features usually not included in a regular hosting plan. Such as localization in Italy (with Italian IP) and the availability of a SSL Certificate.

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Linux or Windows Hosting


The highest security for your data and protection against DDos attacks. Web hosting provided with antispam and antivirus systems. Each hosting plan includes a .IT free domain, database, unlimited traffic and subdomains.

Email hosting

E-mail Hosting

Services for e-mail professional management for Schools and Local Authorities. You can easily manage this hosting plan using a ready-to-use management panel. Solution with antivirus, antispam and autoresponders included.



Keliweb provides you with Certified E-mail service on domain or on a second or third level domain belonging to the customer.PEC allows you to send legally valid communications with the highest security level.



Cloud solutions both for services, via VPS, and for data management and documents storage, via Cloud Storage. Cloud Hosting plans are the perfect solution for high-traffic websites in need of resources.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers

Keliweb provides you with several Dedicated Servers solutions, thanks to its own datacenter infrastructure. You can custom all the available dedicated solutions both with Linux andWindows. A whole machine dedicated to you.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

This solution allows you to keep all data on your computer and servers safe on an external storage. You can process incremental snapshots of the whole configuration, with custom retention and recover any single file.

Control panel in English

Control panel in English

All hosting solutions are provided with control panel in English, cPanel for Linux plans and Plesk for Windows plans. Both panels are extremely easy to use to manage your website.

Anti DDos Protection

Anti DDos Protection

The highest level of stability for your website thanks to AntiDDoS protection in the whole Keliweb Datacenter. We provide our customers with the highest level of security for their websites: the best protection against hacking attacks.

Daily statistics

Daily statistics

Check your traffic straightly from your control panel at any time, to supervise your digital project's performances.

Dedicated support

24/7/365 Support

Our team is available for support 24h a day, 365 a year via ticket system.

Electronic invoice

Once you've purchased your order you can request your Electronic Invoice by sending an e-mail to and sending the payment order with all the codes for the release of the electronic invoice (CIG and/or Unique Code), pointing out if the authority is joining the Split Payment.

Available services on MePa

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Product name
Article code
KeliUser Linux
Keliweb_Keliuser_linux content_copy
KeliPro Linux
Hosting_KeliPro content_copy
Keliweb_KeliCMS content_copy
Linux KeliSSL
KeliSSL_Linux content_copy
Windows KeliSSL
KeliSSL_Windows content_copy
Wordpress Hosting
Hosting_Wordpress content_copy
Joomla Hosting
Hosting_Joomla content_copy
Prestashop Hosting
Hosting_Prestashop content_copy
Product name
Article code
Cloud H1
Cloud_H1 content_copy
Cloud H2
Cloud_H2 content_copy
Cloud H3
Cloud_h3 content_copy
Cloud H4
Cloud_H4 content_copy
VPS Prime
VPS_Prime content_copy
VPS Essential
VPS_Essential content_copy
VPS_Biz content_copy
VPS Value
VPS_Value content_copy
PEC Base
Keliweb_PEC_Base content_copy
Dedicated Mail Server
Server_Mail_dedicato content_copy
Product name
Article code
Dedicated i3 Linux
Server_Dedicato_i3_linux content_copy
Dedicated i3 Windows
Server_Dedicato_i3_win content_copy
Dedicated i5 Linux
Server_Dedicato_i5_linux content_copy
Dedicated i5 Windows
Server_Dedicato_i5_win content_copy
Dedicated i7 Linux
Server_Dedicato_i7_linux content_copy
Dedicated i7 Windows
Server_Dedicato_i7_windows content_copy
Disaster Recovery 1 PC
Disaster_Recovery_1PC content_copy
Disaster Recovery 5 PC
Disaster_Recovery_5PC content_copy
Disaster Recovery 10 PC
Disaster_Recovery_10PC content_copy
Disaster Recovery 20 PC
Disaster_Recovery_20PC content_copy
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