How to choose a domain name

Quick guide to choosing the right name of your website


Choosing a domain for your website is a very important task. When you decide to buy a domain you must be aware that it will be your business card and that it will represent your online identity.

Once registered, it can no longer be changed: if you change your mind you will have to buy a completely new one, losing all the advantages of the domain name itself.

Furthermore, to choose the perfect domain for your business, you must have a precise idea of ​​the area in which your project is framed, so as to identify the needs of the target audience.

Here are some tips on how to choose a web domain:

1. Easy to remember

easy-to-remember domain

Remember: keep it simple!
A domain name that works must be easy to remember and to write so as not to create difficulties for users who will enter it in the search bar of the browser.

It's highly recommended not to use:
Too long and complex names
Foreign terms, difficult to spell
Numbers, difficult to memorize

Choose a domain name that represents the nature of your business : an effective domain is a first step to success!

2. Immediacy

domain immediacy

A website name must give a clear idea about the nature of your business or the product, so as not to create confusion and misunderstanding. In addition, it must offer an appropriate corporate or personal image.

Try to make a list of the keywords that best represent your business, your brand or your area of ​​interest.

For example, if manage an online business that focuses on the world of travel, you could include adjectives such as: cheap, organized, adventurous, convenient, etc. Or terms like hotel, offer, itinerary, etc.

Choosing the right keywords will be essential for the positioning and indexing of your website on search engines.

3. Uniqueness

domain uniqueness

Many of the more interesting domain names are in many cases already unavailable. Don't choose website names similar to the most 'popular' ones, hoping to attract the attention of users.

This choice could do more harm than good and create just so much confusion. From a legal point of view, there is no rule that prohibits the choice of a name similar to those of the most famous brands.

The perfect domain , however, is the one that expresses the uniqueness of your business and sets you apart from all other competitors on the net

4. Extension

domain extension

You must choose both the right domain name and extension for your business, market and users.

There are many domain extensions . From the most popular and generic , such as .com and .net, to geographic ones, such as .it and .eu, for example, which tend to highlight the belonging of a brand or an activity to a specific territory.

In addition to the extensions listed above, today it is possible to choose new gTLD domain extensions that offer a very specific indication of a business or brand. Let's think for example of the extension .shop, or .food or .book. They immediately give a clear and custom indication of the activity that takes place online.

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