How to choose a domain's name

Suggestions for your website's name

Choosing the right name for your website is not a simple task at all and can be quite complicated. When you register your domain's name you have to consider how this name will represent your identity online and take your decision in the wisest way it's possibile. Once the domain is registered you will not be able to modify it again and you will have to buy a new one if you change your mind.

Keep in mind: simplicity above all else!

First of all: try to register names that are both easy to remember and easy-to-type in the browser's research bar.

It's also very useful giving a meaning to the domain's name: something recalling somehow the nature of your activity online.

Here are 4 basic rules to choose your website's domain name.

Give a full picture of your brand's nature

Choose a domain's name providing the best company image: short names are usually better and more immediate than the longer ones. Moreover, the most popular internet names are often already registered and their cost will be much more higher then the website's income.

Let's try to do a short list of all the adjectives describing your activity, combining them with the product that represents your company at its best. The combination could provide the right domain's name for you.

For example: if we talk about a publishing house we can take in consideration
  • Adjectives such as cheap, easy-to-read, useful, practical
  • Products such as books, e-books, comics.
  • So we could have as a result for your domain's name:,, and so on

Choose a short and simple name

We suggest you not to insert a typical product inside the domain's name because it could be limiting for you in the future (especially if you wish to enlarge your market). Today brand-based name are taking over keyword-based names ( such as for example books-online). They are essentially not directly related to the website's nature.

You should avoid, in general:
  • acronyms or initials (too short)
  • long or conversational names (
  • domains with foreign languages terms difficult to read
  • numbers, usually difficult to remeber

Legal Aspects

The legal aspects you need to consider in terms of registration are:
  • Can the domain be protected from competitors misuse ?
  • Can any competitor or company claim damages for the use of a specific domain's name?

By and large, it's not recommended to register domain's names too similar to important brands' ones, such as Google and Apple, even if there's no specific rule forbidding it.

4. Type of Extension

Choosing the right extension for your web domain is also essential.

You can choose to refer to the territory where the domain is based, for example the .it extension could be quite obvious. You can also use .eu extension that can be registered by everybody.

Other choices can be the domain .biz, for business activities, the domain .info, to collect informations about a specific event or the domain .name for a personal website.

Want to register your own domain? Choose a generic extension or something more specific with the new gTLD extensions. Do you have a clear idea now? Now that you know everything about domain extensions you are ready to register or transfer your web domain.

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