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There are several "status" that a domain can assume during its activity. Here is a short list.

It's the initial status of the registration. If the registrant erases the domain name in this period the Registrar can refund him/her the whole amount of the registration;

The domain auto-renews and the registrant doesn't have to carry on any action;

The nameservers are not associated with the domain and the name resolution cannot be processed;

The domain is active and all the operations can be regularly processed;

A request for a domain registration is going to be processed;

A domain renewal is going to be processed;

The domain has been in redemptionPeriod for 30 days and will not be restored. It will be in this status for several days and then deleted;

The domain has been in redemptionPeriod and the Registrar is restoring the domain after receiving all the required documents;

The domain is transfering or a transfer request is going to be processed;

The registrant asked the Registrar to cancel the domain that is going to be in this status for 30 days. 5 days later the domain will be canceled and then available for registration again;

The domain has been renewed by the Registrar.
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