Ho to manage a Windows VPS Ho to manage a Windows VPS

A VPS is a virtual private server providing you with the possibility to manage remotely a whole machine provided with a complete operating system.

You can manage your Windows VPS, hosted in our datacenter, straightly from your PC using a dedicated client - usually you can download it for free online- that you can change according to the operating system on your PC.

For Windows, for example, you can use a remote desktop client (Microsoft official one), for Mac Cord and Remote desktop client (Apple official) and for Linux PAC, Remmina, Tsclient, Rdesktop.

Here is a screen of Microsoft remote desktop.



Once you've installed the client to access your Windows VPS, type your username, password and IP address (host name) and click on "Connect".
After a few seconds you will view the operating system desktop: here you can install remotely any application you need for your services and websites.

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