Ho to manage a Windows VPS Ho to manage a Windows VPS

A VPS is a virtual private server providing you with the possibility to manage remotely a whole machine provided with a complete operating system.

You can manage your Windows VPS, hosted in our datacenter, straightly from your PC using a dedicated client - usually you can download it for free online- that you can change according to the operating system on your PC.

For Windows, for example, you can use a remote desktop client (Microsoft official one), for Mac Cord and Remote desktop client (Apple official) and for Linux PAC, Remmina, Tsclient, Rdesktop.

Here is a screen of Microsoft remote desktop.

Come Gestire una VPS con sistema operativo Windows


Once you've installed the client to access your Windows VPS, type your username, password and IP address (host name) and click on "Connect".
After a few seconds you will view the operating system desktop: here you can install remotely any application you need for your services and websites.

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