What should I do to transfer my domain? What should I do to transfer my domain?

When you transfer your domain from a provider to another you must keep to a specifique procedure depending on the domains' extensions.

Domains .IT

When you decide to transfer a domain .it you have to ask your old provider the Authorization code (AuthInfo / EPP / AthoCode) and then provide it to your new provider to start the migration procedure. The transfer of a domain .it usually takes 24 hours and it ends the night after the beginning of the transfer. 

Domains .COM, .NET, .ORG and other gTLD
If you decide to transfer a domain .com, org, .net or other generic extension (gTLD)  you have to provide the Authorization code as you purchase your order. To complete the domain transfer you have to do the following operations:

1.Unlock the domain and disactivate the Privacy by entering your old provider's Customer area;.

2.Validate the transfer procedure by replying to the Registrar's validation e-mail you will receive in 24 hours, after the registration; 

3.Waiting for 7 days after the acceptance, for the transfer to be completed.

Domains .EU
In case of  a domain .eu transfer you have to ask your old provider the Authorization code and then provide it to the new one. The transfer of a domain .eu can take a maximum of 14 days but it's usually processed instantly. 

As the domain is transferred you can access the FTP and upload your website using the temporary links or using our Free Migration ToolYou will receive, on your registration e-mail address, a message with the subject "Hosting Data Access", containing your access data and links (both temporary and permanent).

If you want to transfer your domain, we invite you to visit our Domain Transfer page. If you need the perfect hosting plan to combine with your domain, we suggest you to visit our Hosting page.

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