Requirements to register a domain or .uk Requirements to register a domain or .uk

To register a domain or .uk the user, private or company, has to prove to have at least an utility in the United Kingdom. To register a domain with .UK extension the user must already have a domain with .CO.UK extension. The extension are mainly used by the commercial activities that want to promote and protect their brand in th UK. There are some requirements to respect when you create a domain name with a or .uk extension:
  • The amount of characters has to be between 2 and 63, excluding the extension;
  • The registration of a domain .uk including two characters is available just in case of two numbers or a letter and a number. In case of the registration of a .uk domain composed by one or two letters we suggest you to contact our support.
  • The available characters for registration are "a-z", "0-9" and "-" not placed as first or latest character.

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