How to modify a hosts file How to modify a hosts file

The hosts file allows you to define the association between IP addresses and domains. It's a system, present in any PC and operating system, which sets in before the DNS resolution.
The modification of a hosts file can be very useful in many circumstances, such as a domain transfer. The operation will allow you to connect to your website in your new hosting before the domain transfer is completed and the DNS names are changed. You will have the opportunity to process several check operations before the transfer is completed.

The hosts file is usually placed in the following positions:
  • C:\windows\systems32\drivers\etc (Windows systems)
  • /etc/hosts (Linux and Mac systems)

To modify the hosts file, attach the string in the original content of the hosts file. Replace "" with the IP address of your website and "" with the name of your domain.

For example:

If the modification doesn't work correctly, make sure to delete cache and cookies in your browser. After this operation, you won't have any problem in connecting to your website. If you have an antivirus operating in your computer you may not be able to modify the hosts file. We suggest you to disable it temporary and try again.
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