How to access Windows - Remote Desktop How to access Windows - Remote Desktop

The remote desktop program allows you to connect remotely to any workstation or server system and to interact with a remote machine as it would be in front of you physically.

The remote desktop connection allows you to connect to a computer executing Windows from another PC, executing Windows itself and connected to the same network or to Internet. So, you would be able to use, for example, to use all your office computer's programs, files and network resources on your house computer or viceversa, with no differences.

If you buy a Keliweb VPS or Dedicated Servers you will be able to use this function by following a few steps:

    1. Recover your VPS or Dedicate Server credentials ( IP address, username and password) from your customer area;

    2. Open "Remote Desktop connection" by clicking on your laptop's "Start" icon. In the search bar type "Remote desktop connection" and then select the related icon from the results list;

    3. Type the IP address in the "Computer" box and click on "Connect";

      remote desktop


4. Type your username in the "Username" box and your password in the "Password" box to end the process.


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