How to create an e-mail account on cPanel How to create an e-mail account on cPanel

cPanel is one of the most popular web panels used by hosting providers. This panel allows you to supervise all the most important aspects of the hosting, including the creation and management of the e-mail accounts. 

To create an e-mail account on cPanel you have to follow a few steps.

  1. Enter your cPanel control panel by using the credentials we provided you during the registration process;
  2. Select the section dedicated to the creation of a new e-mail account and click on "Add / Remove E-mail Address";
  3. Create a new e-mail address by typing the following informations in the required fields:
  • E-mail, the effective the "name" of the e-mail address;
  •, that will allow you to choose, in case you own associated subdomains, to create your e-mail account on the second or third level;
  • Password, a keyword allowing you to enter the new e-mail account;
  • Mailbox quote, the space available for the new e-mail you are about to create;

To end the operation, please click on "Create Account".

Down below, you will see the full list of your e-mail accounts. Each account can be modify at any time.

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