How to configure a Dedicated Mail Server How to configure a Dedicated Mail Server

The Dedicated Mail Server solution allows you to manage your e-mails with no restrictions in terms of outgoing or incoming messages. This is the best solution for all professionals and individuals in need of managing their e-mail newsletters or campaigns in full autonomy.
Unlike a shared Hosting solution, which sets its e-mails' limit to 180 per hour, this solution is not submitted to any restriction and provides you with a dedicated IP.

Buying the Dedicated Mail Server, you will be immediately provided with a cPanel control panel to manage your mail. If you already have a hosting on which you've already configured your domain and website, you will deal with two separate cPanel control panels: one to manage your website and the other one to manage your e-mails.

To make sure that your e-mails are managed in the best way, you need to configure DNS correctly. Before updating DNS, pay attention to a couple of operations.
First, make sure to recreate all mailboxes on the new Server Mail's cPanel: otherwise several problems may occur after the update. Then configure all mailboxes in the client your currently using and download all e-mails. In this way, you will save all on your PC. Otherwise you can ask for a tech support provided by our team.

Now, you can configure your DNS following a simple procedure:

  1. Check the Mail Server's activation e-mail, where you can find the dedicated IP of the service. You need the IP to configure the domain MX record;
  2. Log-in to your cPanel and click, in the "Domains" section, on "Zone Editor";

  3. Select the record (replace mydomain with your domain name) and click on "Change". By default, the mail record is CNAME type: you have to modify it and turning it into A, typing the dedicated IP you received via e-mail;
  4. Repeat the same operation for the webmail record, to check your webmail in the dedicated server: webmail.domain.ext;
  5. Save all and click on "Change record";
  6. Go back to cPanel homepage and, in the "Email" section, click on "E-mail routing" and select "Automatically Detect configuration: Local (recommended)". Click on "Change" and modify the MX record, turning it into; 

  7. Click on "Change" to end the operation.

If you've successfully processed all the required steps , your e-mails will be managed in the new Dedicated Mail Server.

For further informations or support, please contact our team via ticket system, straightly from your customer area. 

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