How to add a package in cPanel How to add a package in cPanel

To create a package that, in case of reseller account, VPS or Dedicated Server, can be applied to any account hosted on the machine, you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Enter your cPanel control panel;
  2. Type the package name in "New package name" field and use a valid file name that is possibly short and easy to remember;
  3. Type the following informations in the required fields:
  • Quote: Amount of allowed disk space. This parameter depends on the type of data required by the package;
  • Bandwidth: Limit of monthly allowed bandwidth transfer. This parameter's tuning depends on the package use; 
  • Max FTP Accounts: Limit of configurable FTP accounts per user;
  • Max Email Accounts: Limit of configurable e-mail accounts per user;
  • Max Email List: Limit of configurable accounts for mailing list per user;
  • Max Databases: Maximum amount of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases available per user;
  • Max SubDomains: Maximum number of subdomains per account;
  • Max Add-on Domains: Maximum number of add-on domains per new account;
  • Dedicated IP: Static IP in use (required for resellers);
  • Shell Access: Authorization to use or not to use shell SSH;
  • FrontPage Extensions: Enabling FrontPage ® extensions;
  • CGI Access: Permission to execute CGI scripts;
  • cPanel theme: Possibility to choose cPanel theme;
  • Feature list: Properties and features visible on cPanel;
  • Language: User account's language.

4. Click on "Add" and wait for confirmation to end the operation.

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